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AK1 Equity Management was founded by Matheus Akauã out of his passion for Equity Compensation and desire to share knowledge. The company prioritizes nurturing individuals and seeks out passionate individuals who are eager to develop themselves and forge a promising career by collaborating with renowned partners. AK1's unique Training Program enables them to train contributors at the associate level within a short span of a few months.


Located in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, the second most popular tourist destination in the country, we leverage our geographical advantage to offer a distinctive combination of benefits. With a wealth of English-speaking professionals available in the area, we offer exceptionally competitive rates to our client, while offering our associates benefits significantly higher than the local average right from the beginning of the training period.

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Matheus Akauã, CEP

Matt is a former law student who left school to work. In 2019, he left his job to study for an Investment Specialist Certification and achieved it after a few months. However, COVID-19 brought a recession and a year of unemployment. In November 2020, he was hired by Carta and learned about Private Equity and Stock Plan Administration. After passing the ECA (CEP Level I) in just six months, he developed a Prep course to help colleagues achieve certification. He left his role as a Support Analyst to work as an outside Consultant and found AK1 Equity Management, where he helps people passionate about Equity learn Stock Plan Administration and work with Consulting Firms.

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